Unser "We-want-you-back"-Letter aus Chemie


Joe - we love you!

Tú eres muy muy muy bonito and stole our corazons [sorry, we forgot the word for to steal...]

Please come back to Germany, even if here is less sunshine and the government sucks. We don´t have those cute little cubanish squirrels and no Mocochinche, but Moccachino and Gods of Blitz

We wanna ruffle your hair, we wanna dance with you and see your smile. Now we miss your voice when we go to school every morning. It´s gonna break our hearts...


Quotes about you:

Elliot: "I would fuck him, I would probably even pay"

Francesca: "Just look at those lips. Why did I never kiss them?"

Sven: "You made me realize what life really is about"

Zoe: "Ich träume heute noch von seinem Wuschelkopf zwischen meinen Beinen" (translate it and smile! :P)

Me: "Cuba next Summer, you and me and a great sunset? Ps: nice ass"


12.6.07 23:19

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Peligro es mi nombre medio (13.6.07 17:47)
Awww qué bonito!
was soll ich noch sagen??
Ich liebe ihn!


Doch, ich liebe ihn wirklich.

Bin ich jetzt ghey?

Björn/ Factory boy/ thoughtless Hussy / Bambi/ Bohnenstange/ Der Junge von F13

Lips like Morphine (13.6.07 18:09)
he is my private property.

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